He is not here - for He is risen

Welcome to the Garden Tomb

The Garden Tomb is believed by many to be the garden and sepulchre of Joseph of Arimathea, and therefore a possible site of the resurrection of Jesus. The Garden is owned and administered by The Garden Tomb (Jerusalem) Association, a Christian non-denominational charitable trust based in the United Kingdom.

The Garden Tomb is an alternative site to the famous Holy Sepulchre for you to consider the Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Garden is a beautiful place in which you will discover several things that were all here on the night Jesus died and which match the accounts in the four Gospels. We never claim to be in the right place as we could never prove that; but where Jesus died is of little importance compared with why. So here we ask you to open the Bible and see what it says about these vital Christian truths.

The Garden is open for tours and worship services every Monday to Saturday from 08:30 to 17:30, although closed for lunch during the winter. Because the Garden is often busy, groups must book their visit in advance.

The Garden Tomb is a quiet place preserved for worship and reflection, with many places to sit and enjoy the surroundings and listen to groups from all over the world worship in their native tongue. Wheelchair access is good for a general tour of the Garden.

There is also a well-stocked gift shop with very reasonable prices.

The Israeli Tour Guides’ Association recently nominated the Garden Tomb as the best tour site in Israel. And the Lonely Planet guide quotes a Roman Catholic priest who said “If the Garden Tomb is not the right place, it should be”.†We are usually in TripAdvisersí Top Ten tour sites in Israel, and have recently earned their 2014 Excellence award.

On the Jerusalem tourist web site there are five HD videos of The Garden Tomb with brief explanation of the main places by one of our guides. †The web site can be accessed from here or you can view our 2014 Easter Day service†here.