Filming in the Garden

If you would like to film in the Garden Tomb please take the time to read through the following instructions and guidelines. Thank you.

1. In principle, the Garden Tomb does not allow professional or semi-professional filming in the Garden during opening hours. This is to safeguard the privacy of all of our visitors (especially those from countries where it is illegal to be a Believer). Occasionally we allow private filming of an organised group’s time of worship so long as it is in a restricted area which contains only the group represented by the film crew and does not infringe on the experience of any other visitors in the Garden.

2. Filming of and at the Tomb itself is not possible during opening hours.

3. A film crew wishing to film freely in the Garden must book in advance through the Head Guide of the Garden Tomb – . Filming hours are normally 07:30-08:30 Monday- Saturday; film crews and their equipment must be clear of the Garden before the gates open to the general public at 08:30. During these hours the film crew may film in all public spaces in the Garden Tomb premises. When making a reservation please let us know who the group is, where they are from and the nature of the film they are producing. Make sure to also provide us with a contact person who has a local mobile phone number.

4. Only one camera team is allowed in the Garden at any time. The team must stay together and not disperse around the Garden.

5. The Garden Tomb requires that the content being filmed be reverential to the Biblical text, to the Christian Gospel, and in the spirit of the Garden Tomb. While we do not vet what you say when filming, if we subsequently find that the content does not comply with these standards, we will demand the removal of the material in the Garden Tomb from all public viewings and websites, and we reserve the right to ban the group from returning to the Garden Tomb again.

6. The Garden Tomb is not to be used as a backdrop for fundraising for your particular ministry or organization.

7. We do not allow the filming of products or articles in the Garden, in particular we do not allow the filming of the ‘Blessing’ of any article that will later be either sold or given as a gift.

8. We do not charge for your filming at the Garden Tomb. However be advised that the Garden is completely dependent on the free-will offerings of its visitors and supporters in order to continue operating, and so it is very appropriate that you make a significant contribution to the upkeep of this beautiful and peaceful Garden, and the salaries of the staff who host your visit. We are grateful for helping us maintain the site to the benefit of future generations of visitors and film crews.